Plumbing and Cold Water Services

There is nothing worse than climbing into a cold shower or having to stock-pile gallons of water when the mains are switched off. At Building Heroes Property Services, our dedicated and specially trained team of Plumbing and Heating tradespeople are available to ensure you are never left in the cold (or soaking wet). 

Our Plumbing and Cold Water Services

Find a local plumber to cover a wide range of services including:

  • Plumbing maintenance
  • Tracing faults (leaking taps)
  • Smart device install (Nest/Hive)
  • Bathroom repairs
  • Drain clearance
  • 24/7 call out for emergencies (see pricing)

Have gas or a heated water system? Visit our Gas, Heating and Hot Water page.

Pricing for Plumbing Services

Weekdays: Monday to Friday, 7am - 5pmWeekdays: Monday to Friday, 7am - 5pmLate Nights: Monday to Sunday. 9pm - 7am
Half hourly rate (after the first hour)£42.50£55£70
Hourly rate£90£120£150
Half day rate (based on 4 hours)£250n/an/a
Full day rate Call for pricingn/an/a

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Our promise to you

You can read more in our Customer Promise.

Why choose Building Heroes Property Services?

What Makes Building Hero Property Services so unique is that our dedicated team is made up of re-trained military veterans, so you can have full confidence that when you open the door to one of our heroes, you know you can trust the person walking in, especially with the sensitivity of home security. With years of experience and acquired skills, our team will complete your job with both military precision and the utmost professionalism.

All too often, after years of military service, individuals can struggle with feeling isolated from mainstream society, through your support, you are supporting someone to develop their second career, helping provide a brighter future for both them and their families.

How to book

  1. Call us on 0800 800 800 or fill out a simple form on the website telling us as much as you can about the services you need.
  2. A representative from Building Heroes will assess your requirements and match you against our approved and trusted veteran tradespeople. Your job handler will provide a quotation for the work and, once agreed, will provide you with the name of your tradesperson and an arrival time.
  3. Your Building Hero will arrive on time to complete the work. Your job handler will support you throughout the whole process and is here to answer any queries you have before and after the work is completed.